Introvert vs Extrovert - VISIBILITY

Why are Introverts important

Posted by Louise Batts on May 9th 2019

This topic popped up on our shared collective monthly “Brain Food” for homeward Bound, and as someone who recognises as being an Introvert but also an Extrovert it’s interesting to understand how we can benefit in a world of both.

Susan Cain talks about how our business environment of open plan, large group discussions and team work could be stifling our innovation and employees in the work place. Are we going to have a future generation that hasn’t spend any time by themselves, developing themselves?

What do you believe with the statement “Solitude is a critical part of creatism”? Is there a correlation between being the best talker and having the best idea – extroverts are louder, but do they always have the best ideas?

Watch the Ted Talk for some answers.

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