It’s a busy busy March

Posted by Louise Batts on February 25th 2019

March is turning out to be very busy in terms of visibility and sharing of new-found knowledge. I’ve managed to rack up 4 presentations over the month, another blog published on the ICE all whilst squeezing in a half Marathon + required training, oh, and revision for my professional membership with the ICE.

Writing these down now, it’s quite daunting.

There are 3 key streams to visibility:

  • Visibility to one’s self
  • Visibility to others
  • Collective visibility

I will be channelling all 3 in the next month. I question if I want this level of visibility, am I prepared for the conversations and new relationships that follow, do I have enough time to chase them all up and how do I manage the pressure of this new visibility? I need to build a mindset on my own visibility and challenge the structural barriers, I will follow this up with my thoughts on reflection of this busy month.


Some advice:

When it comes to presentations, preparation is key. Don’t crowd the slides, use your own body language to describe what you are getting across and use emotive language. Some of the best presentations I’ve seen are Ted Talks, where there isn’t usually anything more that an image on the screen behind the presenter.

Half Marathons – Well this will be the first and last for me….also preparation is fairly critical on this one too.

Professional Membership with the ICE is something I hope to discuss in a lot more detail in April when I’ve completed it and awaiting my results – I can reflect on the process and provide some insights into the day and the lead up to it.

If anyone would like to attend any of my presentations, please let me know:

  • 6th March 2019 - Institution of Civil Engineers Blog goes Live

    “Women leaders are ‘leaking’ out of STEMM industries – Homeward Bound aims to fix this” ***LINK TO APPEAR HERE WHEN LIVE***

  • 7Th March 2019 –Institution of Civil Engineers Thames Valley Regional Committee Presentation

    “Engineers to the end of the Earth”

  • 8th March 2019 – Reading University, School of the Built Environment,

    “Inspire - Women in Engineering”

  • 11th March 2019 –Ringway Milton Keynes Depot, Mock ICE Chartered Professional Review, Progressive (CPRP) – Sorry you can’t come to this one!

    “Augustus Close Bridge Refurbishment”

  • 17th March 2019 – Reading Half Marathon 2019
  • 21st March 2019 – IET Present Around The World (PATW) Competition –

    More info here if you’d like to apply to be my competition

    Title “Augustus Close Bridge Refurbishment Scheme”