Experiencing the Freedom of Vulnerability

Posted by Louise Batts on February 10th 2019

What is Vulnerability?

What do you associate with the term vulnerability? Perhaps it’s weakness, fear, hurt or betrayal. These are the deep-seated emotions people experience when they reveal aspects of themselves to others.

Let’s be clear. Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness and can be your greatest strength.

Vulnerability is an act of courage because you merge with your authentic self, instead of hiding behind a facade to appease others.

Starting with something intensely personal, one person’s journey to experiencing the freedom of vulnerability.

Ted Talk Brene Brown

Vulnerability as an Engineer

Why do we struggle with 'vulnerability' especially in a high-paced-demanding industry as construction?

How do Civil Engineers embrace it? To achieve successful professional review, you must demonstrate you've had responsible and relevant experience at 9 different attributes, all covering various topics. Attribute 4, is to demonstrate Independent Judgement and responsibility. You need to identify the limits of personal knowledge and skills. How can you demonstrate this attribute without demonstrating vulnerability, demonstrating imperfection, and demonstrating your authentic self? It is within the unknown where your greatest potential lies.

Human nature is imperfect, yet the paradox is that we are whole within that sphere of imperfection.

Next time you have a question, or worried about submitting some work, talking to your boss or sharing something personal with your partner, realise you are human, and it’s ok, we’re not all perfect, but you’ll be more knowledgeable and can learn from it.

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