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A new skill obtained on this HB experience

Posted by Louise Batts on January 13th 2019

Launched on 12th Jan 2019, this website is to catalogue my journey through the Homeward Bound (HB) Programme and provide a platform for sharing lessons learnt and my eureka moments with other STEMM colleagues, family and friends.

My first challenge, even before starting the HB journey was to create this website

Now, bearing in mind I am considered a Millennial (Born between 1981 – 1996) it may be that there is an assumption all millennials can code. This statement is very much incorrect. I passed by IT GCSE and that was that, learnt everything I need on a computer from trial and error, and I did quite well. Coding however was not a topic that was covered in my education, GCSE, A-Level or even at Degree Level.

This is a whole new world. One which was fraught with danger, hidden errors, and small mistakes that crashed the system. Website Trial 1, back in 2014, when I wanted to have a career blogging around the world, live a care free lifestyle and make my money online, didn’t quite go to plan. A website programme that claimed to make ‘designing websites easy’ lied. After pulling my hair out and spending money on things that I thought meant I owned the website domain, but actually didn’t, and it would cost me an extra $60 p/year + VAT + extra fees etc etc etc. This time I sought out some expertise.

Turns out having a brother who studied computer science at university is pretty handy! Using John’s expertise, he spent weeks sitting with me, teaching me how to code, to edit the functionality, design, layout and content of this website. It’s moved on from the first concept of “a few boxes” to a complex home designed website, that has enlightened my understanding of coding. I cannot thank him enough, for all the painfully slow hours of asking questions and constant phone calls.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a start, and as I continue to edit and update this blog and other information the website will continue to develop, but the core and the infrastructure is complete. It already feels like such a success to have a place to share this exciting journey with you in 2019.

Thanks to my little brother for getting me off the ground, I owe you one.

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